Thank you for looking into Premier Sales and Lettings to let and/or manage your property

This page will aim to cover all the information a landlord needs to make an informed decision on choosing us to let and/or manage your property. We hope that this also provides you with helpful and practical advice concerning the basic principles of letting your property. If there are any areas that you think we should cover, then please let us know, as we’re always looking to improve our services.

Options Available to You

The two options below describe the services that we offer to you as the landlord of the property. You would choose one or the other depending on your particular situation and needs. Prices for each will always differ depending on the type of property and service.
◾ Fully Managed – If you would rather sit back and receive income from your property, then this would be the option for you. We have a well experienced team that deal with all our managed properties, they range from decorators to electricians and plumbers.

Once the property is ready for a tenant we would advertise it on myour behalf and deal with the tenats regarding; their rent monthly rent (standing order or cheque, whichever you prefer), bond payments and also we would charge them our administration fee. All this would need to be completed before the tenants move into the property.

Whenever a tenant has any issues with the property i.e. washing machine, they would contact us in order to sort the problem out. In regards to any broken items (due to manufacture fault), we would contact you about the issue and about replacing the item.

Upon the tenant moving out we will also view the property to make sure its kept up to a reasonable standard and everything matches the inventory list. Anything damaged or taken from the property will be investigated and money subtracted from their bond.
◾ Letting – Most Landlords like to keep hands on with their properties, if thats you then this will be the better out of the two. This process is very similar to the last one but includes more hands on from the landlord.

First thing we will do is advertise your property in our shop window and suit it with our searchging tenants preferences. Once a tenant or group of tenants are interested, they will be given a viewing, guided by a member of our team. If the property is already occupied we will arrange a time which is best suited to the occupant.

I tenant/tenants what to go for the property we will then arrange a meeting where we set up the tenants standing orders or any other payment method and will also get them to sign a contract which is also viewed by yourself. We will also gain references for each tenant or a guarantor form. Once this stage is completed and the bond has been paid the tenant/tenants will be allowed to move in on a set date.

Any issues from this point the tenants will contact you and it would be your responsibilty to fix any issues that the tenants have. Certain things HAVE to be completed dure to health and safety regulations, others are not so urgent. Upon the tenants moving out, it is also your responsibility to check the property and raise any issues with the tenants, before applying for their bond back.
Under both options the bond is neither kept by ourselves or the landlord but with an independant company whose main interest is to secure the bond until any issues between the landlord and tenants are resolved.